About Wildlands Engineering, Inc.

Wildlands Engineering, Inc. was founded in 2007 in Charlotte, North Carolina as an ecologically focused engineering company specializing in water resources, stream and wetland restoration and water quality management. Wildlands Engineering provides engineering, mitigation banking, and consulting services to a diverse group of clients, including private and public developers, government agencies, and environmental groups. Our team of dedicated, motivated, and highly-trained stream designers, wetland and riparian buffer restoration experts, engineers, hydrologists, ecologists, real estate brokers and GIS analysts possesses extensive experience in all aspects of stream and wetland restoration, watershed planning and assessment, and water quality best management practices. We blend our technical expertise with our knowledge of mitigation banking to offer solutions that bridge the gap between environmental needs and economic realities. We focus on a project as a management process creating stable designs and achieving ecological functions. Wildlands Engineering is committed to a watershed and ecosystem approach to ecological restoration and water quality management.  We are committed to providing exceptional expert services to our clients in an uncompromisingly ethical, innovative, and time-sensitive manner.