Mitigation Solutions

Our mitigation projects offer a win-win solution – facilitating local and regional development while offsetting impacts to the aquatic environment

Mitigation banking is rapidly becoming the preferred method for providing compensatory wetland and stream mitigation for permitted, unavoidable impacts to jurisdictional Waters of the United States. In some cases mitigation needs are met with turnkey mitigation sites, often when mitigation banking credits are not available. Regardless of whether mitigation is provided through a turnkey project or through purchase of credits at an operational bank, impacts resulting from commercial, industrial, or residential land development, installation of public utilities infrastructure, and other land development activities to jurisdictional streams and wetlands are permitted at the state and federal level under the regulatory authority of sections 401 and 404 of the Clean Water Acts and must be compensated for.

Our mitigation solutions protect the environment by providing net improvements to aquatic functions and values in advance of impacts. Therefore temporal loss is reduced or eliminated. Detailed and stringent post construction success criteria and long range stewardship requirements ensure that mitigation banks and turnkey sites provide these ecological benefits over the long term.

Mitigation banks have an approved service area based on the location of the bank within major river basins. Compensation can be provided for any approved impact within the bank's service area. Wildlands Engineering Inc. establishes mitigation banks by restoring and enhancing degraded streams, wetlands, and riparian buffers located on private property. High quality streams, wetlands, and riparian buffers are preserved. Typically the landowner maintains the deed to the land and works with WEI under a mitigation use agreement to develop and implement the bank and record a permanent conservation easement on the portion of the property used to provide compensatory mitigation credit.

Turnkey mitigation sites are typically located as close to the impact site as possible and involve the same types of restoration, enhancement, and preservation activities as mitigation banks but are typically smaller in size.

There are also substantial benefits to the credit purchaser when considering credit purchase or a turnkey mitigation solution. Purchasing credits from an approved bank has very limited regulatory review versus the detailed review and comment process required when applicants develop turnkey. Therefore permit review and approval times can be greatly expedited. Turnkey solutions allow the client to use existing land resources and / or combine the mitigation project within the overall development program associated with the impacts. In both cases, all the risk and responsibility for post construction performance is transferred from the client to Wildlands Engineering Inc. When these factors are considered the client base is increasingly finding either purchase of stream and wetland credits or development of a turnkey mitigation site to be a simple and cost effective solution to meet their compensatory mitigation requirements.

Wildlands Engineering Inc.'s combined project experience and staff expertise makes us an industry leader in providing mitigation solutions. Our projects represent innovative, state of the art restoration and enhancement design solutions, are constructed by some of the most highly qualified contractors in the industry, consistently meet success criteria, and are highly regarded by the regulatory community for their ecological integrity and long term success. The result is cost effective compensatory stream and wetland mitigation within an ever increasing geographic service area.