• Proposed Ravenscroft Stream Mitigation Site

Ravenscroft Stream Mitigation Site

Client: Wildlands Engineering Owned
Location: Henry County, VA


This proposed mitigation site is located in Henry County, near Martinsville, VA. The lower stream valleys along the East and West Forks of Leatherwood Creek is currently used for cattle and horse grazing. The combination of land conversion, historic channelization, livestock access, and watershed land use practices have contributed to the current impaired and degraded condition of the streams running through the lower valley. The Ravenscroft property is one of the only agricultural parcels located along Turkeycock Mountain, and as such presents an excellent opportunity to improve water quality and wildlife connectivity.


The Ravenscroft site provides the opportunity to preserve 4,941 linear feet (LF), enhance 662 LF, and restore of 8,347 LF of perennial streams. Total credits that can be achieved at the site are 15,559 stream mitigation units (SMU), consisting of 681 SMU’s (4.4% of total credits) generated from preservation and 14,878 SMU’s (95.6% of total credits) generated from restoration and enhancement. 80 acres of riparian land will be preserved in perpetuity.


Mitigation Banking