Falling Creek Stream, Wetland, Nutrient, and Buffer Mitigation Bank

Client: Wildlands Engineering Owned
Location: Wayne County, NC


The Falling Creek Mitigation Bank will encompass over 340 acres along Falling Creek and several of its tributaries. We estimate that it will provide approximately 20,400 stream mitigation credits, 67 wetland mitigation credits, and 39 buffer mitigation credits. Starting in the Fall of 2017, stream, wetland, and buffer credits will be available for sale throughout the Neuse 01 HUC while nutrient offset credits will be restricted to the portion of Neuse 01 below the Falls Lake watershed. The project involves restoring a large stream and wetland complex draining to Falling Creek and preserving 260 acres of bottomland wetland within the Falling Creek floodplain. The property will remain a working farm however cattle will be fenced out of the easement. The project is anticipated to aid in the removal of Falling Creek from the state’s 303(d) list of impaired water bodies. We anticipate closing on project easements in the Fall of 2016 and constructing the project in summer and fall of 2017.


Mitigation Banking