Watershed Planning

Watershed planning addresses water quality concerns in a holistic manner, working within geographic boundaries rather than political ones.

As part of Wildlands Engineering, Inc's commitment to the protection and conservation of natural resources and development of water quality management solutions, we offer watershed assessment and planning services. Watershed planning promotes water quality and resource conservation in a holistic manner, working within geographic boundaries rather than political ones.

Watershed PlanningWildlands Engineering, Inc. is a leader in the rapidly growing watershed planning industry. Our staff has worked on dozens of watershed planning projects in both urban and rural settings from the coastal plain to the mountains. These watershed plans have been used to direct restoration and preservation efforts, promote implementation of stormwater treatment practices, serve as a basis for environmental grant funding, identify options for greenways and other community improvements, and document programmatic needs for the conservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems. Watershed plans are developed through a collaborative process with local stakeholders to establish goals and identify actions appropriate for the local environment and the community.

The development of a watershed plan addresses water resources concerns in a holistic manner in order to effect change in individual streams and water bodies. Some of the typical factors that that affect watershed health include land use trends, hydrologic modifications, degradation of riparian and wetland habitat quality, erosion and destruction of aquatic habitat in streams, water use, and point and non-point source water pollution. Proactive planning to control and reduce the impacts of these and other stressors provides a means to ensure environmental protection, support quality of life for local citizens, and to accommodate economic development for communities. Watershed plans can and should be integrated with other local or regional planning efforts to allow for a collective vision for the future of our communities that includes healthy natural resources and clean waterways.

The Wildlands Engineering, Inc. team of planners, environmental scientists, GIS analysts, and engineers has experience in developing watershed plans that promote healthy water resources while working within the variety of complex constraints to achieve the appropriate balance of resource use and protection. No watershed is the same; therefore, Wildlands Engineering takes the time and effort to tailor the planning process to each situation. Our knowledge and experience in watershed planning results in programs that protect functioning resources, enhance impaired resources, and outline a practical, science-based plan for future management of the watershed.