Neuse River Basin Mitigation Banks

Client: Wildlands Engineering Owned
Location: Wayne County, NC


Wildlands has three riparian buffer and nutrient mitigation bank sites within the Neuse River Basin: Buck Swamp (active bank with credits available), Caraway Creek (active bank with credits available), and Little River (closed bank with all credits sold). The mitigation banks provide riparian buffer and nutrient offset mitigation credits to compensate for buffer impacts according to 15A NCAC 02B .0295 and development requiring nutrient offset payments according to 15A NCAC 02b .0240 within the Hydrologic Unit Code 03020201 (with the exception of the Falls Lake drainage area). These credits are produced through converting the land use from active row crop agriculture to a riparian forest.


The projects combined will deliver both riparian buffer credits (1,203,392 square feet) and nutrient offset credits (191,104 pounds of Nitrogen). Key elements of the projects consist of developing the umbrella banking instruments, individual Bank Parcel Development Plans for each site, construction, as-built surveys, and annual monitoring. Little River was planted in 2010. Buck Swamp was planted in 2014. Caraway Creek is scheduled to be planted in 2015.


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