NC nutrient credit saleSatisfy your mitigation needs with credits from
Wildlands Engineering.

Wildlands Engineering operates two active nutrient and buffer mitigation banks in the Neuse 01 River Basin. Both banks are NC Division of Water Resources approved commercial mitigation banks and are located in Wayne County. These two banks serve the Neuse 01 River Basin, non-Falls Lake area (HUC 03020201) and provide nutrient offset and riparian buffer credits.


  • 143,00+/- nutrient offset credits
  • 11+/- acres of riparian buffer credits
  • Water quality improvements to Neuse River system
  • Enhanced wildlife habitat
  • Permanent protection of stream and buffer resources.
What to expect when you partner with Wildlands Engineering:
  • Nutrient offset and riparian buffer credits for impacts in the lower Neuse 01 River Basin (HUC 03020201), non-Falls Lake area.
  • Competitive pricing below the NC Division of Mitigation Services (formerly the NCEEP) current In-Lieu Fee Rates.
  • Professional advice on impact calculations for budgeting purposes available.
  • NO FORMS, NO HASSLE, NO DELAYS. Just provide us the buy down letter from the local municipality and the “bill to” information we will send an invoice and/or reservation letter.
  • Delivery of Transfer Letter immediately upon payment, so permitting is never held up.
  • Payment delivery to our Raleigh office (North Hills area) available for same day transactions.

We understand that credit sales can be crucial to meeting your project schedule.
Contact us today to complete your same-day transaction.