Cypress Creek Watershed Plan

Client: The Conservation Consultant
Location: Franklin County, NC


The Cypress Creek Watershed Plan involved a watershed characterization and preliminary engineering study of potential watershed improvement projects. Existing water quality, hydrology, and GIS data for the 31- square mile watershed were collected and analyzed by Wildlands. Streams were evaluated at 15 road crossings for lateral and vertical stability, aquatic and riparian habitat, and human impacts. The suitability of the channels for preservation, enhancement or restoration was determined from the data collected. The information was compiled into a GIS database.


Water quality stressors were also identified within the watershed and potential opportunities for improvements, with a specific focus on structural best management practices (BMPs), were located. The potential opportunities were ranked based on planning level cost estimates, general physical and regulatory constraints, known private property interests, and political support. The watershed assessment data and GIS mapping were used to identify the BMP project that directly addressed the greatest stressor for water quality in Cypress Creek, and could serve as a demonstration site and a replicable model for other watersheds in Franklin County. A conceptual design was developed for the selected BMP.



Watershed Planning