Devil’s Racetrack Full-Delivery Mitigation Project

Client: NC Division of Mitigation Services
Location: Johnston County, NC


To date, the Devil’s Racetrack Stream and Wetland Mitigation Project is one of the largest mitigation projects developed in North Carolina. The project was constructed in 2013/2014 and resulted in the restoration of a coastal plain stream and wetland complex. The ecological benefits of the project include reduction of pollutants, such as sediment and nutrients to downstream waters, restoration of natural aquatic and terrestrial habitats, and restoration of wetland hydrology to long drained agricultural fields. By closeout of the post-construction monitoring period, the site will have generated nearly 19,000 stream mitigation units and nearly 60 wetland mitigation units. The site is located in the Neuse River Basin and provides mitigation to support development from Roxboro, NC to Goldsboro, NC, including the Triangle area.


Ecological Restoration