Malbone Mitigation Project

Client: Virginia Department of Transportation
Location: City of Virginia Beach, VA


This Wildlands-designed wetland mitigation project was constructed during the summer of 2010 for the Virginia Department of Transportation. The site was selected for enhancement and creation of three wetland types (emergent, scrub-shrub, and forested) to mitigate for wetland impacts resulting from the proposed widening of Princess Anne Road and the construction of Nimmo Parkway. Approximately 24 acres of wetlands were created or enhanced as a result of the project. This includes 16 acres of palustrine forested wetland creation, three acres of palustrine emergent wetland creation, 0.1 acres of scrub-shrub wetland creation and five acres of palustrine emergent wetlands enhancement. Key elements of the project included soil classification and analysis, groundwater monitoring, well installation and monitoring, wetland hydrologic modeling, grading design, permitting, construction document development, construction oversight, as-built plan development, baseline monitoring, and ten years of post-construction monitoring to document hydrologic and vegetative success and remediation if necessary. This project was successfully closed out in 2021.



Ecological Restoration