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Wildlands Engineering is seeking a Water Resources Engineer to join their growing team in Asheville, NC...

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Wildlands Engineering, Inc.: Creating ecological solutions through innovative engineering.

Wildlands Engineering is a full-service ecosystem restoration, habitat development, and environmental planning
company with projects throughout the southeastern United States.

NOW AVAILABLE: Nutrient offset credits and/or riparian buffer credits for the Neuse 01 River Basin.         

Ecosystem RestorationEcosystem Restoration

Restoring stream and wetland systems gives nature a head start in regaining stability and establishing a self-maintaining system.

Mitigation SolutionsMitigation Solutions

Our mitigation solutions often save clients invaluable time and millions of dollars due to our efficient process and successful mitigation strategies.

Watershed PlanningWatershed Planning

Evaluating water quality and ecological concerns in a holistic manner, considering effects at the catchment and stream reach level.

Water Quality ManagementWater Quality Management

Offering an array of water quality solutions including watershed assessment and planning, and stormwater management.