Falling Creek Mitigation Bank

Client: Wildlands-owned mitigation bank
Location: Wayne County, NC


Wildlands completed construction on this private mitigation bank in March 2018. The project, which is part of the Falling Creek Umbrella Mitigation Bank, produces stream, wetland, riparian buffer, and nutrient offset credits in the Neuse 01 basin. Credits are produced through the following restoration activities:


  • Restore, enhance, and preserve a total of 28,787 linear feet of streams on several unnamed tributaries to Falling Creek for a proposed total of 18,896 stream credits;
  • Preservation, rehabilitation, enhancement, and re-establishment of 269.0 acres of riparian wetlands and 1.4 acres of non-riparian wetlands for a proposed total of 59.6 wetland credits; and
  • Restore and enhance 63.6 acres of riparian buffer to develop approximately 1.6 million square feet of riparian buffer credit and 58,530 nutrient offset credits.


The project includes development of an umbrella mitigation banking instrument, existing conditions assessment, landowner coordination, conservation easement acquisition, stream, wetland, and riparian buffer restoration design, permitting, construction, and seven years of post-construction monitoring.  The conservation easement on the project will serve to protect 371.2 acres of land.


Mitigation Banking