Wildlands’ stream mitigation project reaches the “close-out” milestone

Wildlands is thrilled to announce that our Scaly Bark Creek Mitigation Project has received approval for close-out from the Interagency Review Team. This is Wildlands’ first full-delivery contract with the North Carolina Division of Mitigation Services to reach the close-out milestone, a seven-year achievement. This project consisted of 4,875 linear feet (LF) of stream restoration, 3,596 LF of stream enhancement level II, and 700 LF of stream preservation. As a result of these successful efforts, this project delivered 6,453 stream mitigation units to the North Carolina Division of Mitigation Services. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Scaly Bark Creek Mitigation Project.


stream mitigation, environmental mitigation
stream mitigation, environmental mitigation
stream mitigation, environmental mitigation

Henry Fork Construction is Complete

Wildlands is pleased to announce that construction has been completed on Henry Fork Stream and Wetland Mitigation Full-Delivery Project. Located in Catawba County, NC, this project is expected to deliver 4,500 stream mitigation units and 4.0 wetland mitigation units at closeout. As a value-added benefit of the project, Wildlands also acquired the entire 50-acre parcel and included this area within the established permanent conservation easement, establishing a permanent 100-foot buffer on the Henry Fork River and with the vision of a more holistic bottomland wetland forest ecosystem restoration. The mitigation activities removed four golf course ponds, along with reestablishing step-pool channel in the upper tributaries and meandering stream-wetland complex channels where streams enter the floodplain of the larger river.

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Wildlands’ announces new nutrient offset and buffer mitigation bank: North Fork Little River

NFLR mapWildlands is pleased to announce that we are in the process of opening up our North Fork Little River Nutrient Offset and Buffer Mitigation Bank. This bank is located in the Upper Falls Watershed of the Neuse River Basin (8-digit USGS HUC 03020201) near Bahama, in Durham County.

The purposes of the Bank are to:

Provide riparian buffer mitigation credits to compensate for unavoidable buffer impacts in the Neuse River Basin.

Provide nutrient offset credits for stormwater requirements with new and existing development requiring nitrogen and phosphorous offsets within the Falls Lake Watershed.

CLICK HERE to read the Bank’s public notice posted on the NC Department of Environmental Quality website.