Construction is complete on Owl’s Den Stream and Wetland Mitigation Project

Wildlands is developing this full-delivery project in Lincoln County, which flows on the site of a blackberry farm. The project will provide 2,400 SMUs and 8.0 WMUs for the NC Division of Mitigation Services. Construction was completed in July 2015 and the site will be planted in the fall of 2015.

This full-delivery project included existing site assessment, conservation easement acquisition, permitting, stream restoration design, construction, and seven years of post-construction monitoring of geomorphic stability and vegetation. Detailed hydrologic modeling was completed to study wetland-groundwater connections. The project is currently in the baseline monitoring phase.



Wildlands Engineering Acquires Confluence Engineering

Wildlands Engineering, Inc is pleased to announce their recent merger with Confluence Engineering, PC, an Asheville-based company that specializes in ecosystem restoration, stormwater, and floodplain management. Wildlands Engineering will be the surviving entity in the merger.

Merging with Confluence Engineering is a natural fit for us. Wildlands and Confluence have very similar approaches and guiding principles for ecological restoration and our cultures match exceptionally well. - Shawn Wilkerson, President of Wildlands Engineering


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